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13 rasons article
Entertainment Weekly

'Thirteen Reasons Why' author Jay Asher on bullying and teen suicide

In the midst of his whirlwind tour, EW talked to Asher about how Hannah’s suicide could have been prevented, why teens find his characters so relatable, and why we need to open up about issues like suicide and bullying, no matter how uncomfortable they might seem.

S e hinton article
Entertainment Weekly

'The Outsiders' 50th anniversary: S.E. Hinton interview

S.E. Hinton on The Outsiders' success: 'It gave me writer's block for four years'

Jojo singer 0 article
Entertainment Weekly

The Liberation of JoJo

How a teen pop star overcame a bitter legal battle and family tragedy for a comeback album that’s been a decade in the making

Adnansstory article

Can This Woman Save Adnan Syed?

Her drive to exonerate the Serial subject reopened a seemingly shut case. Now, with a new book, a hit podcast, and a legion of armchair acolytes, Rabia Chaudry just might change the course of justice.

Best sellers article
Entertainment Weekly

Young, Witty, and Female: The New Voices of the Best-Seller

Why celebrity memoirs make millions

Margaret atwood article
Entertainment Weekly

Margaret Atwood: 'I'm either kindly granny or wicked witch'

Margaret Atwood Interview: EW goes deep with the prolific author

Mixtape article
Entertainment Weekly

The Hamilton Mixtape

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kelly Clarkson, and more explain the stories behind the songs.

Haley bennett 0 article
Entertainment Weekly

Fall Star: Haley Bennett

IT’S 11 A.M. AND HALEY BENNETT is on her third cup of coffee. “I’m heating it up for the 10th time,” she says, laughing. She’s chipper but ready for a break: “I’m going to Italy tomorrow, so I’ve been up every night for the past three nights in anticipation of my first vacation in two years.”

Img 0865 article
Entertainment Weekly

'Britney Spears: American Dream': The unforseen horror of Britney ...

How one writer lost her mind — and her clothes — by playing Britney Spears’ new mobile game

Jesse eisenberg article
Entertainment Weekly

Jesse Eisenberg is Hearing Voices

Bream is hardly Eisenberg’s first literary effort: In addition to a plethora of short humor pieces, he’s penned three plays and even a novel, although he promises we’ll never see it. “Everybody who ends up putting a book out has a shitty novel from college,” Eisenberg says. “I would not ever publish mine. It’s not good.”

Man of the year article
Entertainment Weekly

10 Best Singles of 2014 | Photo 1 of 10 |

10 Best Singles of 2014 | Photo 1 of 10 |


20 Best Legs Throughout History

From Josephine Baker to Jane Fonda to Jennifer Aniston, here are some of the women with the best stems in history.

Tumblr ma139zwhlj1ra5fm0o1 500 large article


Call her what you want, but Kim Kardashian invented a school of self-branding.

Stoner babe intro zxdkxj 656 article

The Emancipation of the Stoner Babe - Women Who Smoke in Film and TV - Elle

The Emancipation of the Stoner Babe - Women Who Smo...

Bj otr ijcn0h h article

Everything You Need To See From Beyonce and Jay Z's HBO Special

Everything You Need To See From Beyonce and Jay Z's...